Caring for your skin is extremely important. It’s your canvas and let’s face it we only get it once - so take care of it.

Everyone has different types of skin, are you dry, oily or normal? What is your natural skin colour do you burn easily? or tan easily? and skin tone are you cool, warm or neutral? Working out which one of all of these is not hard or complex, it’s just finding which Minx Bronzing spray tan or which Miss M by Minx self tanning product suits you best.

Lets talk undertone first, understanding your undertone isn’t if you are light or dark, it’s actually what sits below the surface. Everyone will be either cool, warm or neutral. If you are neutral you will have a natural, even look that is not yellowish or pink. If your skin is pink, reddish or blueish you will be a cool undertone and if your skin is yellowish you will be a warm undertone.

People who don’t readily burn when in the sun are generally warm, they look amazing in colours like gold, whereas people that look incredible in silver will be cool. The colour of your veins on the inside of your wrist, will also help identify whether you are a cool, warm or neutral undertone. If your veins are blue or purple you will probably be cool, if you have greenish veins you will probably be warm. Neutral people wont be able to identify either way. Taking the time to identify your skin tone will help you select the best product for you from the Minx Bronzing and Miss M ranges.

Working out what type of skin you have isnt that hard either, is your skin dry, oily or normal? to tell if your skin is dry when you put a quality body moisturiser on does it soak in quickly or does it sit on the surface and feel a little greasy? If it soaks in quickly that means your skin is thirsty and dry, so you need a self tanning lotion, like Miss M dark Ganache Tinted Tanning Lotion, this will hydrate your skin. If you like a mousse use Miss M Dark Souffle tanning mousse, then the next day use Bronzing Bliss tan extender which will hydrate your skin.

One step further if you are a natural Blonde or a redhead with blue, green or brown eyes you will be more suited to our spray tan liquids like Chocolate Sun, Eclipse or Violet Sunset, in our self tanning range Ganache tinted tanning lotion or Souffle Tanning Mousse or Body Bronze Tanning dry oil would be the products for you.
If you are naturally warm to dark brown hair colour, blue, green or brown eyes and you want a light spray tan use Eclipse bronzing liquid and if you want a bit more depth try Midnight. In our self tan choose either Ganache tinted tanning lotion or souffle tanning mousse and for an ultra dark result choose Body bronze tanning dry oil.
Choosing Bronzing Bliss tan extender daily moisturiser is always a great option as this will ensure that your skin is hydrated no matter what and this will extend the life of your tan.