It is important to ensure that you regularly clean your spray tan gun and machine filter in order for your equipment to work at its potential every time you use it. The best and most efficient time to do this is when you change your spray tan solution or at the end of the day prior to the machine being packed away.

Step One

Choose a suitable area (preferably near a sink) to catch any spills and remove the hose from the spray tan gun.

Step Two

Holding the gun in one hand, carefully unscrew the base cup from the spray tan gun and tip out any remaining spray tan liquid so the base cup is completely empty.

Step Three

Hold the base cup over a sink and rinse it out with warm water until the water runs clear. Once this is done, fill the base cup approximately half way with water.

Step Four

Reconnect the base cup onto the spray tan gun ensuring the base cup is fitted correctly so that it doesn't leak. Reconnect the hose to the base of the spray tan gun ensuring that it is fitted correctly. 

Step Five

Set the Flow Adjuster Dial located on the spray tan gun to the maximum setting and switch on your machine. Selecting this setting allows a high flow of water to pass through the internal components of the gun ensuring that they are flushed and sufficiently cleaned. 

Step Six

Holding your spray tan gun in your hand, point it towards a sink and depress the trigger and allow the water to pass through the gun until the base cup is completely empty. This process can be performed more than once.

Step Seven

Once you have completed flushing the gun, turn the machine off and disconnect the hose from the gun. Unscrew the base cup from the gun and place both components onto a towel and allow them to dry prior to being re-used.

Step Eight

Lastly, unplug the machine from the power supply and turn it upside down and locate the filter. Open the housing containing the filter and remove the filter. Rinse the filter under warm water until the water runs clear and the filter is clean. Allow the filter to dry and replace back into the machine. 

Once all the components are dry, put all the parts back together ready for your next spray tan. It is important to carry out this procedure on a daily basis to ensure that your equipment works effectively and efficiently every time.