Things To Look For In A Tanning Brand

Spray tanning can be a huge part of your salon offering. Your clients trust you and your judgement in product choice. In saying all of that, there can be a lot ot consider when looking to replace your current brand or even if you are thinking about bringing this very popular service into your salon.

There are a lot of different tanning brands on the market. Some that over promise and under deliver, some that over produce in terms of colour pay off and some that just dont meet the hype. Some ingredients in tans can be very drying to the skin resulting in cracking. Quality DHA and Organic ingredients like in Minx Bronzing Professional spray tan liquids are a big plus along with ingredients specifically added to a particular reason. For example, the higher the percentage of DHA in a spray tan liquid, the more drying to the skin - you need to reduce this happening as much as possible with the addition of Coconut Oil. Find out also if the ingredients are Australian Made, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free and 100 % vegan friendly.

Retailing is such a big part of a salon offering. Check and see if the brand you are considering has complimentary retail products. Offering retail products to your clients that they can take home to prepare their skin for their next tan, products that maintain their tan, and enhance their tans is valuable. Ask if the ingredients in these retail products the same quality as their professional offering? Miss M by Minx retail products deliver all this.

Everyone’s skin is different. Everyone has different wants and needs. Is this versatile in the brand you are considering for your salon? Some clients will not get the depth they desire from a 2 hour tan, try as you might. Can the processing time be extended to achieve their desired result depending on their natural skin colour like Minx Bronzing can?

Finally a factor to consider is what is the company like to deal with? Are they easy going, and easy to talk to? are they easily contactable by various methods e.g. email, phone, text message? Can my order be placed easily? Do they have various payment methods available to help my cashflow? Most importantly am I a valued salon partner?
With Miss M being an ex salon owner we know how to answer all of these questions. We also assist with marketing kit campaigns by providing social media calendar event templates for all our salon partners as we truly partner with you. At Minx Bronzing your business success is our business success.